Unable to connect to Port 23000. Try again Display a different port I

Hi I’m going through the DAML learn pages and I’m on the Build and Run. At first the DAML page came up and I was able to do the Alice and Bob add to the contract and look at the code in the IDE. Then I got this error. Sometimes the port number changes but it never connects again. ???
Is this there something I can do from the terminal to fix this?
New to this so any help would be appreciated

Unable to connect to Port 23000. [Try again](javascript:window.location.reload():wink:

Display a different port

If the service is running on a different port then please enter it below


Welcome to the community @Paul1983

I could recreate the issue. After a couple of attempts I faced with the same message. For me, both the IDE and UI tabs produced the error which could be remediated by the “Try again” option. Occasionally the view stuck in and the refresh didn’t help and I had to reload the tutorial.
Despite of the sporadic error cases, the vast majority of my attempts were successful.

Is this a permanent issue in your case? have you tried to reload the tutorial?

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It worked when I reloaded tutorial then stopped working again. I’m not clear on whats really going on. Is tutorial installing the real DAML kit on my machine or only a simulation effect of whats going on? I open windows command window once tutorial has run and I cannot do those commands for from the windows command window?
Would you recommend I install the DAML SDK separately? I have react installed already for doing solidity smart contracts with express running as my local server.
any and all help is appreciated.

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This error message is related to the interactive learning platform which doesn’t install the Daml SDK on your machine. The tutorial is intended to simulate a real life scenario which can be played in your own environment exactly the same way.
Install Daml following the documentation and take the tutorial steps in your own environment.