DAML database integration

Hello everyone,

I’m new to DAML, and trying to integrate PostgreSQL server.

When, I try execute below command, “The API server was unable to bind to port 6865. Terminate the process occupying the port, or choose a different one.” exception is thrown.

java -jar daml-on-sql-1.18.2.jar --ledgerid=test --sql-backend-jdbcurl="jdbc:postgresql://mydbserver.com:5432/test_db?user=test_db_user&password=userPass123&currentSchema=public"

I understand that, canton sandbox is already running on port 6865. How could I configure this command to run on different port and still interact with my DAML project running on port 6865.

DAML SDK : 2.1.1
DAML on SQL : 1.18.2

Thank you!

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There should be something along the lines of a --port CLI option, although I don’t remember exactly the name. Can you have a look if java -jar daml-on-sql-1.18.2.jar --help (documented here) gives you some meaningful pointer?

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It is indeed --port, though -p also works:

Daml-on-SQL version 1.18.2
Usage: daml-on-sql [options] [<archive>...]

  <archive>...             Daml archives to load in .dar format. Only Daml-LF v1 Archives are currently supported. Can be mixed in with optional arguments.
  -a, --address <value>    Service host. Defaults to binding on localhost.
  -p, --port <value>       Service port. Defaults to 6865.
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Thanks for the quick responses @stefanobaghino-da & @Gary_Verhaegen !!

One more question though, how do I configure my DAML project to connect to the specified ledger-id on the new port

Use --ledgerid as you used above, like so

java -jar daml-on-sql-1.18.2.jar --port <your_port_number> --ledgerid=test --sql-backend-jdbcurl="jdbc:postgresql://mydbserver.com:5432/test_db?user=test_db_user&password=userPass123&currentSchema=public"
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Since you are using SDK 2.1.1, I recommend that you move away from Daml-on-SQL, to a Canton setup with Postgres as backend, as soon as possible. Daml-on-SQL is no longer supported. See this previous thread: