Trigger Service Start Trigger Package Id


How client app can get the correct Package Id to start a trigger using Trigger Service?

I continue with Trigger Service. I started a trigger from Postman.
My payload was:

  "triggerName": "17cd398d85060be21a136c7ba797bd9029b9006c66e08f53766b42d86ca93c37:Triggers.MergeHoldingsTrigger:mergeFungiblesTrigger",
  "party": "Alice",

I got Package Id using:
daml damlc inspect path/to/trigger.dar | head -1
What is the best way for a client application to reach the package id? I see the JSON Api exposes List all Packages but not sure it can help much since it is returning a list…
Can you suggest something here?

Hi @VictorShneer

The trigger service will return the package ID whenever you upload a new Dar:

You should use that to know how to start your trigger.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Mate!

So I should keep trigger as a separate project to make it “live” in a separate dar.
Then I upload it through Trigger Sevice (not directly to the ledger as usual)
Catch the package id and use it whenever I want to start a new trigger. Right?
But what if there is a time span between dar upload and the new trigger start? I should consider storage for package id in this case, right?

I recommend to use daml damlc inspect-dar --json path/to/your/dar here.

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