How can I check if my triggers.dar file is linked with my main dar file?

Sometimes I’ll create a new ledger from the daml hub console and re upload the triggers.dar, and the main dar file, and once I’ve set up the triggers, I realize they are not getting triggered. (while they previously were working fine.)

How can I check that the trigger.dar is in fact referencing the main dar file correctly? instead of just guessing and rebuilding everything each time? Thanks!

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Your best bet is probably to check package ids via daml damlc inspect-dar. Specifically find the main package id of your template DAR via daml damlc inspect-dar --json path/to/template.dar | jq '.main_package_id' (if you don’t have jq, just look at the main_packageid field in the output yourself.

Then check that the trigger dar depends on this by running daml damlc inspect-dar --json poc6/.daml/dist/canton-coin-0.1.0.dar | jq '.packages | keys' and checking that the package id you got from step 1 is part of that.

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