Trigger-service and authentication

Hey :wave:

I’m trying to get Trigger Service to work with oauth authentication. I’m confused as to how logging in a user is supposed to work in such a flow though.

When I install a trigger I do notice that it’s calling /auth in the authentication middleware. However, from what I understand (which could certainly be wrong) calls to /auth are supposed to be preceded by a call to /login. But Trigger Service would never make a /login call on its own, would it?

The documentation on Trigger Authorization does provide instructions on how to handle logins. However, the idea there seems to be to create some kind of web portal that a trigger user can check every now and then to see if they’re still logged in on the Trigger Service. And if they’re not then I suppose at that point they would manually go through the log in process. (Technically: the web portal would connect to the middleware and call /login, which in turn would trigger a redirect to the log in page in the browser.)

I’m left wondering what the recommended way would be to solve this problem if we want to run Trigger Service without supervision. Is it left as an exercise for the reader? If so, can you give this reader more hints? :upside_down_face:

Edit: I’m aware that I may be asking for something that in a lot of ways is conceptually unsound. In that cas, however, it would be helpful to just have that confirmed and also to maybe get a sketch as to what the ‘vision’ is for the UX of running Trigger Service in production. :pray: