Slow REPL Start Time

I have been lurking in the REPL, using Scripts and the start time for my REPL, executed using daml repl is anywhere between a slow count of 10-20 everytime. Even after not running any Daml code for a while, and/or a reboot.

Is this non-compliant behaviour?

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I see comparable startup time. (Closer to 9, but we may not count at the same speed.)


daml repl should be roughly comparable daml test. Both of them need to start a JVM process in the background which actually executes your code and those tend to startup relatively slow unfortunately.

We could make the startup asynchronous and have it appear to be started but it will then block if you type code too quickly. probably still a useful improvement though. You’ll subtract the time it takes you to type the command from the time you wait so if you type for 10s you won’t wait at all.


I am from the Antipodes, and we are a little slower,
so fair comment :grinning: