Scala bindings are deprecated?

I am working on a Scala project and need to fetch transaction data from the Ledger. When reading about Scala bindings (Scala bindings — Daml SDK 1.15.0 documentation), it says “The Scala bindings are deprecated as of 2020-10-14.” Then, what is the alternative to Scala bindings?
How comes the Maven repository still have the latest Scala binding builds (1.16.X)?:


The recommended alternative to the Scala bindings are the Java bindings if you need the gRPC API or the JavaScript/TypeScript bindings if you want the JSON API.

We have a 12 month deprecation period so the Scala bindings are still supported at the moment and published. The current plan is to still publish them afterwards but support will be limited and they will no longer be subject to our usual backwards compatibility guarantees so I recommend against relying on them for production applications.