Any JavaDoc for DAML SDK - for example com.daml.ledger.client.LedgerClient?

Our project imports daml-sdk:
groupId: com.daml
artifactId: daml-sdk
version: 1.14.0
We have found JavaDoc for Java bindings here: Generated Documentation (Untitled)
But there are many classes/apis that we haven’t found much document about. For example: com.daml.ledger.client.LedgerClient.singleHost function.

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The javadocs for our Java bindings should all be under the link you posted.

com.daml.ledger.client.LedgerClient.singleHost is part of the deprecated Scala bindings not of the Java bindings. We do not currently publish the scaladoc for that on the website but we upload it to Maven so intellij and other IDEs should be able to display it.


Thank you for your answer. But it seems LedgerClient is not part of Scala binding. I tried to get and extract

But it does not have LedgerClient.
Our maven project have


The daml-sdk-1.14.0.jar is successfully downloaded. I think it would be good to see some document about some of the interesting classes that the jar includes, for example, those inside package com.daml.extractor.

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The LedgerClient class is in a dependency of the Scala bindings, ledger-api-client. The Maven coordinates are com.daml:ledger-api-client:$version.

If you use a smart editor or IDE (I like JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA), you can usually just search for the class name and it’ll search all dependencies, which often helps.

I’m not sure where you’re getting the “daml-sdk” dependency from, though. I don’t think we publish a package named that, and I don’t see it in Maven Central. Can you explain where you got that?

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The extractor is not a public API so the classes are deliberately not documented. The supported interface is daml extractor and the corresponding CLI args.

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