Sandbox, Upload Dar. Error: Disallowed language version in package

I work with Daml.Finance. When I upload dar to the sandbox I see in the logs:

upload-dar did not succeed: "\"ALLOWED_LANGUAGE_VERSIONS(8,f1afed54): Disallowed language version in package fc7e83c... ...Expected version between 1.14 and 1.14 but got 1.15

This is how I run sandox:

daml sandbox --port 6865 --static-time --dar path.dar -C unsafe-enable-daml-lf-dev-version=yes

unsafe-enable-daml-lf-dev-version - is not working or I apply it wrong? I saw this config property as a solution for similar problem

The package he is complaining about - Daml.Finance.Interface.Instrument.Base.Factory

Hi @VictorShneer, take a look at the documentation for an example config. You can find a version that works with Sandbox in Uploaded a dar compiled with a target - #3 by jonas

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Also, see here for a Canton config file, and here on how to use the config file with daml start.

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Thanks, works well for me!

One question… why config flags are so scary:
will-corrupt-your-system-dev-version-support = yes ? :smiling_imp:

If you turn on “dev” versions, you are turning on alpha features. Such alpha features are not supported in production (they are alpha). They might also contain changes to the database schema which will not be compatible with the final version. So you will never be able to upgrade your node, as the schema will be in an unexpected state from the perspective of a stable release. The name is chosen such that you really only use it for experimenting around and not for production.