Retrieving data from couch db

How to see data in couchdb after setting up couchdb as state database in daml on fabric


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You could try using the navigator (daml navigator server) to visualize the contracts.

I think that while you may be able to use native tools to inspect the ledger state, contracts won’t be intelligible, as they will probably be encoded/encrypted.

This post may also be useful for further info:

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Thanks for your reply, is it possible to see the data in couchdb fauxton interface?

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If you’re connecting to CouchDB directly, you will be able to see some data (i.e. mostly just the fact that there is data), but it will likely be encoded. See the question @Luciano linked to for details.

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I don’t have experience with fauxton but what I expect is that you’ll see the data but it will look like an opaque blob, you won’t be able to see it in fauxton in a way that is meaningful to you. The answers to these two questions explains why:

Thank you all for the assistance …