Recommendation for Haskell Novice Learning Path

Hi Team,

Does anyone have a practical learning path for a Haskell novice?

I am happy to purchase a book or learning course, to add to the ongoing upskilling.

Hi Ben. Just my personal opinion here:

To date I haven’t found a book that particularly stands out. There is

Which has the advantage of being available online, so it’s probably a good starting point.

But besides this, I’ve found that it’s probably more important to look at other resources, namely:

  • Journals, and
  • Actual code

For the former, there is a series of papers “Functional Pearl” which I think you can learn a lot from. Just google them - there’s a list on hackage somewhere too.
For the later, I bookmarked the following on reddit:

although I haven’t personally looked through all of it.


Thanks for the reply, I will run with that :point_up:t2: