Question on execution of trigger

In my project there is a separate daml trigger folder. I am doing separate build for daml and daml triggers, once the daml is build, I am exporting the long party id. I am rebuilding the trigger and using the party id to run the triggers. This all works ok.

 daml trigger --wall-clock-time --dar .daml/dist/data-triggers-0.0.1.dar --trigger-name AutoDataFlow:autoDataFlowTrigger --ledger-host localhost --ledger-port 6865 --ledger-party party-6fb4b94d-7879-4f53-9d6b-8a9e6d5d0079::122069bdcea4544278938f3f31034c26c4100dfc0f41d763ea706da15ad272c39765

But each time i need to run the trigger, i need to rebuild and copy the party id(party-6fb4b94d-7879…) to the script. What is the best way to run triggers?