Question about a Trial or Development Version of Canton Enterprise Edition


Our team is currently evaluating the feasibility of using Canton for network topology construction and management. Our primary concern is performance. According to the Daml development documentation, the ‘Transaction Processing’ feature in the Enterprise version is marked as fast, but it seems we don’t have a way to test this.

We’re wondering if there’s any possibility to access a trial or a development/test version of the Canton Enterprise edition.

ps : I would also like to inquire if it’s possible to test a trial or developer version of DAML Hub Enterprise.

Hi @yongtaek

If you refer to the Enterprise (Canton) edition, you will see a listed email address.

Please contact Digital Asset via that means and submit your request.

Cheers, BM.

Hi @yongtaek

Please note that performance of Canton depends highly on two factors: the database setup & the smart contract modelling. Here are a few important links:

We managed to squeeze out several thousand ledger events per second from a single participant node (2.7.x) and several ten thousand ledger events per second from a single domain.

Normally, the challenge right now isn’t the fundamental ability of the system to be performant, but it requires some care and tuning to get there.

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