Query regarding running multi-node setup in daml-on-fabric

In daml-on-fabric setup guide on github, I see multi-node-setup.

Just wanted to understand whats this multi-node setup all about and does that multinode setup creates a separate node for every organisation defined in config-local.yaml file ?
All peers are appearing on all the three nodes in that multi-node setup as I can see in terminal but I expected to see different organisation peers on different nodes with multi-node setup.

While I agree that showcasing with different configuration per node would be a nicer example, I think the intention was only to give an example of several participant nodes with overlapping config even. Nodes could be partitioned by different boundaries, so depending on your use case your configuration may vary.

The open source Fabric driver, as the Daml version compatibility also suggests, is not in active development anymore and not even properly maintained by us as we have been developing a Fabric domain integration for canton. Using the daml-on-fabric repo is not recommended and won’t be supported by us for production purposes.