Query Re Format of Tutorials

Hi All,

I am writing and testing a tutorial on how to install DAML and all of it’s requirements on a vanilla (Brand new) Debian Buster (10) x86_AMD system.

This will remove the need to visit different sites to access relevant guides, such as:

  1. https://docs.daml.com/
  2. Download Visual Studio Code - Mac, Linux, Windows
  3. Download | Node.js
  4. distributions/README.md at master · nodesource/distributions · GitHub

In this instance the document is written out in a style not unlike a BASH script with # comments and $ commands, and at completion will likely be approximately 250 lines.

Is this an acceptable format to offer as a tutorial?

Small snippet available via a screenshot below.

Regards, QA.


A good general rule of thumb is: “If it would have been helpful to you, it’s probably going helpful to others” so there’s value in sharing. This being a forum, there’s no “quality bar” you are required to clear to post in the tutorials section. Only inappropriate content would be moderated away.

From the looks of it, it would be quite easy to convert what you’ve written into markdown, which Discourse forums like this render nicely. I think doing so would improve readability quite a bit.

Looking forward do seeing the finished piece.


Hi @bernhard thank you for the reply.

I will format it using the forum Markdown and see what the market thinks of it. It should be soon, after some minor tweaks.