Projectdable error - DateTimeParseException: Text '02/18/2021' could not be parsed at index 0

Hi team

I recently deployed a Smart Contract on ProjectDable

template WholesaleContract with

    originator : Party
    dealer : Party
    eftype: EFType
    startDate : Date
    endDate : Optional Date
    duration : Text
    amount : Decimal
    rate : Decimal
    assetType : AssetType
    vin : Text
    closingContract : Optional Text
    status : Text

When I use the Console- LiveData entry to create this contract I get the following exception
JsonError: java.time.format.DateTimeParseException: Text '02/18/2021' could not be parsed at index 0

Creating a contract through the UI works, but for some reason the ProjectDable - Console - LiveData is erroring

Any suggestions on a fix or work around for this ?

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Hi @bartcant, this appears to be a bug in the UI. The format should be 2021-02-18 but the UI doesn’t let you choose that. As a very very hacky workaround, you can go in the network tab in your browser’s dev tools, click “copy as curl” on the failing request and edit the date manually. That is clearly not a solution. I’ve contacted the developers working on this.


Thanks for the investigative work. :+1:

Hey @bartcant ,

Thanks for reporting. We have a fix in place to correct the date format in the Live Data contract creator, which will be applied with the next project:DABL prod deployment