Possible bug in data types and import tutorial

Hi was doing data types and import tutorial and I noticed that if you click on the VS Code IDE tab and then back to terminal and then back to VS Code IDE it doesn’t work. Keeps opening a blank.window tab. Working fine yesterday, Here’a s brief video…


Hi @ichowdhury,

Thanks for reporting the issue! These tutorials are using an external provider for the per-user environment, so we’ll report back to them. In the meantime, I’m afraid the best suggestion I can offer is to try with another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.

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Or, if you don’t have another browser available, for me at least the little “pop out” button seems to work: the square with an outgoing arrow just left of the + . That opens the IDE in a separate window, where the IDE itself seems to work as expected. That does break the Copy to Editor button for me, but it’s still simple enough to do manual copy and paste.

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