Point me to a valid certificate url

Hi, I’ve just completed my Associate certification and can’t find shareable link to it.

I’ve received a download link in email and can download PDF by clicking Download icon in talentlms / My Certifications.

But I want to share this cert on linkedin, etc.

When I click “Share on LinkedIn” button on the same page it just redirects me to linkedin site with open “Add cert popup”, but I still have to enter some URL there (which I can’t find :slight_smile: ).

This feels like a stupid question to ask, but still (I hope my cert will not be revoked due to such questions asked :):

Could someone please give me a steps to get link to my cert? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @vchernetskyi and congratulations on that first achievement, well done :clap:t2:

I have flagged your issue with the Developer Relations Team and expect that they will assist you soon.

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Hi @vchernetskyi

Congrats on passing the exam and getting the Daml Associate certified :clap: :clap: :clap:

What you can do is put the url you received in the email in the LinkedIn popup ox for the certification so others can also access your certificate. That is the only option for now.

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Thanks for congrats everybody and thanks for the quick replies!

Will go with the download link approach for now.

It just felt like I’m missing something obvious, since most of the certs nowadays have some public URL to the badge or credential to quickly verify cert ID. Therefore, decided to ask this question.

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Completely understand @vchernetskyi the question. For the time being we don’t have the option you’re looking for

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