No Loki UI in daml-platform-observability-example

Should I see a web interface at localhost:5000 when running the platform observability example from GitHub?

Steps followed so far:

  1. Clone the repo
  2. run docker compose up
  3. Confirm that Grafana is running at port 3000

HERE: According to this section, I would expect to see something for Loki at port 5000 (## Important Endpoints to Explore)

Instead, all I see is an ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED message in my browser.

This link also appears in Grafana, but gives me the same message: http://localhost:5000/metrics

Loki appears to be running, as I can see this type of output in the logs:

daml_observability_loki               | level=info ts=2023-10-17T13:43:57.682737715Z caller=table_manager.go:134 msg="uploading tables"
daml_observability_loki               | level=info ts=2023-10-17T13:43:57.682806453Z caller=index_set.go:86 msg="uploading table index_19647"
daml_observability_loki               | level=info ts=2023-10-17T13:43:57.682820616Z caller=index_set.go:107 msg="finished uploading table index_19647"
daml_observability_loki               | level=info ts=2023-10-17T13:43:57.682831524Z caller=index_set.go:185 msg="cleaning up unwanted indexes from table index_19647"
daml_observability_loki               | level=info ts=2023-10-17T13:43:57.687048059Z caller=table_manager.go:166 msg="handing over indexes to shipper"
daml_observability_loki               | level=info ts=2023-10-17T13:43:57.687157024Z caller=table.go:318 msg="handing over indexes to shipper index_19646"
daml_observability_loki               | level=info ts=2023-10-17T13:43:57.687175252Z caller=table.go:334 msg="finished handing over table index_19646"
daml_observability_loki               | level=info ts=2023-10-17T13:43:57.687232564Z caller=table.go:318 msg="handing over indexes to shipper index_19647"
daml_observability_loki               | level=info ts=2023-10-17T13:43:57.687241966Z caller=table.go:334 msg="finished handing over table index_19647"

There is no UI to Loki, you have to use the Grafana “Explore” section to query Loki for logs: http://localhost:3000/explore

Will be fixed in the readme by this PR: Explain how to query Loki for logs by davidd-da · Pull Request #37 · digital-asset/daml-platform-observability-example · GitHub