New Blog post on Privacy, HIPAA and GDPR

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here is the latest blogpost from @corey.todaro on Privacy, HIPAA and GDPR. Read more on:
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It’s important to note that “compliance” to these regulations is complicated. Compliance includes that the overall architecture, execution and on-going operation of a healthcare solution. It makes no sense to ask whether DAML, or any other individual solution component, is HIPAA compliant. Instead, it’s essential to explore the options and tools that DAML provides for solution designers and operators to meet their compliance obligations. The following are some examples of how DAML is enabling enterprises to build compliant distributed ledger solutions.

Here is a video that I created so it is easier to understand those concepts:

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Not that the blog post referenced above has moved to:

Thanks for highlighting this post again. Tydei Health is soon tackling HIPAA and GDPR audit requirements.

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