Mediator error message after upgrade


I just upgraded the domain from 2.6.3 to 2.8.3. Now this is the error I got from mediator console.

WARN c.d.c.c.d.g.GrpcSequencerConnectClient:mediator=mediator1/domainId=domainManager1::1220a22a9347 - DEPRECATED_PROTOCOL_VERSION(5,0): This node is connecting to a sequencer using the deprecated protocol version 4 which should not be used in production. We recommend only connecting to sequencers with a later protocol version (such as 5). err-context:{domainAlias=Domain ‘domainManager1::1220a22a93472a6e26f2da70657adbbc1676b0f8a0be1d8f5c2dfe61164bf5a3d503’, location=GrpcSequencerConnectClient.scala:135, version=4}

I’ve run db.migrate() on all the nodes but this error still appear. Is there any command that can display the protocol the node is currently using? Or maybe the version it is running?

Hi @Frankie

Can you try

to get the protocol version ?

Here is the result

@ domainManager1.service.get_static_domain_parameters 
res2: StaticDomainParameters = StaticDomainParametersV1(
  uniqueContractKeys = true,
  requiredSigningKeySchemes = Set(Ed25519, ECDSA-P256, ECDSA-P384),
  requiredEncryptionKeySchemes = Set(ECIES-P256_HMAC256_AES128-GCM),
  requiredSymmetricKeySchemes = Set(AES128-GCM),
  requiredHashAlgorithms = Set(Sha256),
  requiredCryptoKeyFormats = Set(Tink),
  protocolVersion = 4

I’m using 2.8.3 binary and has done manual start and db migrate. Did I miss anything else?

I got it. To upgrade to new protocol, a new domain is required and participant nodes need to connect to the new domain.