Live data not loading after uploading a dar to ledger

I’m trying to upload a dar to an existing ledger to allow for an upgrade. I have no issues uploading the dar using damlhub workspace upload ..., damlhub workspace install ... and finally damlhub ledger dar ... to deploy the dar to the ledger. This dar only contains one template so I don’t know why the ledger won’t properly restart and provide the live data as it did before. Whenever I change parties in the live data tab, the ledger goes from ‘Running’ to ‘Starting’ and the participant deployment and the trigger dars we have uploaded fail, could there be a conflict within one or both of these deployments?

I dug deeper and found that I was getting this error: Circular token request, exiting. from the damlhub client.

Can you provide us the LedgerID? We will take a look at the ledger logs as well.

Also I’d like the step by step “what’s your goal, what action are you taking, what are you expecting to happen, what’s actually happening”, plus some screenshots

Hi sorry for the late response, the error was due to using an old version of the dar. Thank you though!