List type signatures

Sometimes when I want to explain that a list is just a parameterized data structure, I want to avoid writing [a], is there a way to use the word List in a type definition:

For example, instead of

filter : (a -> Bool) -> [a] -> [a]
filter : (a -> Bool) -> List a -> List a

I get a scary warning about imports when I try the above.

The warning isn’t all that scary:

  daml/Main.daml:8:8: warning:
  In the use of type constructor or class ‘List’
  (imported from Prelude, but defined in DA.Internal.Compatible):
  Deprecated: "Daml compatibility helper, use [a] instead of 'List a'"

You can safely ignore that if you want.

Alternatively, you can define your own synonym which then does not trigger the warning:

module Main where

import Prelude hiding (List)

type List a = [a]

test : List a -> List a
test = identity

I’d personally prefer if the deprecation were the other way around, that is, suggesting List a instead of [a]. I think that would fit better with Daml's preference for simpler terms, such as Action instead of Monad.

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@akrmn fair point but I think the breakage from that is too large at this point.