Is there an incremental changelog for snapshot releases?

I was looking at the most recent snapshot release page: Release 2.0.0-snapshot.20220110.8812.0.3a08380b · digital-asset/daml · GitHub

Is there a changelog somewhere that tells me what changed since the previous snapshot?

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There is nothing published but you can use the script in the Daml repo which takes a git range as an argument and shows you the changelog, e.g.,

./ v2.0.0-snapshot.20220105.8777.0.cb15ab5a..v2.0.0-snapshot.20220110.8812.0.3a08380b

That said, these changelogs are not reviewed in detail and there is no guarantee for either correctness or completeness.


We’re so ledger-centric that even our changelog is a roll-up of a sequence of transactions. :capybara: