Is it possible to invoke Canton and pass in multiple bootstrap scripts?

I know it’s possible to launch canton with a script to be run at startup using the --bootstrap script.

Is it possible to pass in more than one script using this mechanism? Something like: --bootstrap first.scala --bootstrap second.scala).

The goal here would be for the first script to be a small set of functions that abstract out common startup operations. (Reading environment variables, populating users, and the like), with the second script being the specific initialization for a given instance of the canton process.

The idea would be that this is done in Docker, with the first script contained in a base image and the second (instance specific) script contained in a derived image specific to that instance. (So it’s not necessarily practical to put all of the configuration possibilities into a single script controlled with environment variables.)


Afaik you can only pass a single bootstrap scripts. Bootstrap scripts are reasonable compositional though by just concatenating them.

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