Is it possible to implement private data collections in daml/daml-on-fabric?

Is it possible to implement private data collections , how to do these ?

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HI @alpha_coders what is the use-case that you are trying to solve with use of private data collections (just general background on the domain space and the reasons for strong privacy requirements is sufficient for context)?

Do note that DAML itself fully supports segregated/private data; only DAML Parties with rights to see a particular piece of data can access it. In this way, regardless of the ledger you use, DAML applications behave as if their data is segregated.

The use of private data collections (and similar things in other ledgers) adds an extra level of segregation by making sure no physical copy of the data exists where it shouldn’t. The open source fabric offering is not really tailored for use cases that have strong privacy requirements for physical data segregation : for that we would really recommend one of the ledgers with stronger privacy properties like the VMware daml-on-corda or daml-on-besu private offerings instead.

We are considering using private data collections as an internal implementation detail in future iterations of the Fabric integration, but this really would not be something that would be visible to the application user interacting with the ledger via ledger api.