Is it possible to connect Sleuth with reactive java bindings and/or DAML-for-postgres?

Hi all,

As the title suggests, I am being asked to implement sleuth in to my java backend to track requests throughout their lifecycle. A part of this would be tracking the request as it moves through the java-bindings, to the ledger, and response received.

From my research on generic sleuth + gRPC integrations it does seem to be possible, but admittedly I haven’t been able to find a clear solution as yet. So I wondered if this has already been resolved by someone else!

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Can you provide a little bit more context on what “sleuth” is?

Sleuth is a Spring tool for distributed tracing (Spring Cloud Sleuth).

The hope is to be able to connect log messages at the application to relevant log messages in the ledger service (whether that is the daml driver for postgres jar, or the participant node in DAML 2.0 world)

It looks like this is an in-application library, so you’d be able to use it to trace your own requests, but not to get data out of the ledger directly.

Yep, thought so, needed confirmation though. Thanks for your time.