Is Daml Turing Complete?

Following a blog post from 2016 where it states “DAML was intentionally designed not to be Turing-complete”: Introducing the Digital Asset Modeling Language: A Powerful Alternative to Smart Contracts for Financial Institutions

I was under the impression that Daml is still non-Turing complete. However I recently came across a forum post: Functions in data structure - #12 by bernhard
mentioning Daml as being Turing Complete. I’m assuming this changed when recursion was introduced? Is there any resources I can read more about Turing Completeness in Daml?

Hi @Aelpheris,

That was true then, but that blog post is very old. Current versions of Daml are indeed Turing complete in the usual sense of “if you had infinite memory”. This blog post may shed some lights on possible reasons for the transition, though it’s not specifically about Daml.

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