Is DAML a cross-platform language?

Context: I am a developer but am just window shopping at the moment; I am trying to understand what DAML actually provides.

I understand that it is a smart contract language. Is it platform agnostic, in the sense that daml can be run on a variety of different blockchains and traditional infrastructure or is it tied, theoretically or practically, to a particular execution environment?

Many thanks in advance!

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The Daml smart contract language runs on Canton. In that sense, Daml is not platform agnostic. In particular, you cannot access native assets from different platforms.

Canton itself can be configured to run on centralized (PostgreSQL, Oracle) or decentralized (Besu, Fabric) solutions. In this sense, you are plugging in into the underlyings storage properties (in the case of a DLT, its consensus algorithm for tamperproof sequencing purposes).


Thank you.