IPFS support in DAML

Can we use IPFS protocol with DAML for Data storage?

Hi @Iqra_Mustafa1

Are you referring to IPFS as the InterPlanetary File System - Wikipedia?

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Yes @Ben_M

In that case, no.

I have searched extensively for any link to IPFS & Daml or IPFS & Digital Asset with no results.

As this is an interesting question about a powerful protocol, I will make further enquiries internally and see if one of the DA Engineers can provide a more practical answer.

Yes because I try to find it by myself as well. But couldn’t find anything relevant regarding this.

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In theory, it is possible to connect IPFS storage but you will need to build an integration for it, as there is no ‘out of the box’ feature for attachments. This is a similar concept as if you wanted to attach files (Images/Text) to a contract, which has been raised before.

There is a comprehensive post titled
On Attachments: What you should and shouldn’t store on a ledger and you should read it thoroughly to see what is possible, but more importantly what is practical in terms of modifying your contracts.

Hope this helps.