How to pass two input files param in daml script command

Error: Unknown argument ‘parties.json’

daml script --dar .daml/dist/quickstart-0.0.1.dar --script-name TestScript_Exercise:trade_exercise_iouTransfer_eurBank --ledger-host localhost --ledger-port 6865 --input-file result.json parties.json --output-file result1.json

I am trying this for the below template.

-- Copyright (c) 2020 Digital Asset (Switzerland) GmbH and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
-- SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

module TestScript_Exercise where

import Daml.Script
import Iou
import IouTrade()

data Parties = Parties with
  alice : Party
  bob : Party
  usBank : Party
  eurBank : Party

trade_exercise_iouTransfer_eurBank : (ContractId Iou,Parties) -> Script (ContractId IouTransfer)
trade_exercise_iouTransfer_eurBank (cid_iou,parties) = do
submit parties.eurBank do
  exerciseCmd cid_iou Iou_Transfer with newOwner = parties.alice
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You can only pass one input file. However, the input can be an arbitrary (serializable) DAML-LF value. (ContractId Iou, Parties) is such a value so you only need to know how to encode that as JSON. The :json command in daml repl can be handy for this or the documentation for how DAML types are translated to DAML-LF and the JSON encoding for DAML-LF values.

Putting this together, a valid JSON input here would be the following:

  "_1": "yourcontractidhere",
      "alice": "alicepartyid",
      "bob": "bobpartyid",
      "usBank": "usBankpartyid",
      "eurBank": "eurBankpartytid

Replace the dummy contract id and the party ids by the ones you actually want to use.

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