Daml REPL - is there a way to import DAML-LF JSON

In the vein of Daml Script, is there a way to import a file in Daml REPL? The use case would be to export a set of party identifiers via a script (i.e. initial user and party setup) and then have a way to import these party Ids into an active REPL session. Could be either a repl command (which may not be a preferred option) or via a command line option (import and define a variable). This might be an alternative to having to use PartyFromText.

There is no option for this at the moment.

This could be useful for live ongoing environments.

Is the data ready when starting the script? Then --input-file is the appropriate feature: Sorry, misread the first sentence of the question, thanks @cocreature

Daml REPL does not have an --input-file flag.

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