How to get all the badges for making DAML apps, getting certified, answering questions, and more!

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You might be aware that there are badges for being active on the forums and going through the various user levels. But did you know that there’s tons more DAML-specific badges that you might already be eligible for?
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Read how to get them below.

Badge How to get it
Start me up Complete the getting started guide and DM me a screenshot as proof
Miss Originality Create a new DAML app and share it on the forum in #general. Must be publicly viewable/usable at a minimum. Open source is always preferred :slight_smile:
DAML Certified Complete the DAML certification at and send me a private message to let me know
Coder of Codes Submit a PR to a DAML repo and have it accepted (external contributions only)
Forum Improvement Awarded when you have a change or suggestion that improves the forum
Excellent Question Asked an important question that is broadly applicable to using and understanding DAML
Hero A hero that did something for the greater good (of the forum)
Excellent Answer Given for highly educational answers that are markedly in depth and informative
Excellent Guide Put together an awesome guide that is easy to understand, informative, or broadly applicable to many DAML users
Capybara Capybara capybara? capybara
Squidly Squids are people
Squidly Devourer of Bugs Help find or fix a big juicy bug
Great Feedback Give feedback on DAML, answer a survey, or otherwise provide us with information that improves the DAML experience

See the full list of badges here:


Thanks for all your hard work on the forum, Anthony! I just reached a new DAMLer level and am so pleased with my avatar! I feel like a real techie now. Lucky me!

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Glad you like it! :capybara: