How to get all the badges for making DAML apps, getting certified, answering questions, and more!

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You might be aware that there are badges for being active on the forums and going through the various user levels. But did you know that there’s tons more Daml-specific badges that you might already be eligible for?
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You can get badges for completing the getting started guide, answering questions, asking questions, submitting bugs, running a presentation or event that involves Daml, getting Daml Certified, publishing Daml applications, and much more.

You might even qualify for some already, check out the full list here: Discuss DAML (Forum)


Thanks for all your hard work on the forum, Anthony! I just reached a new DAMLer level and am so pleased with my avatar! I feel like a real techie now. Lucky me!

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Glad you like it! :capybara: