How to deserialise and serialise object


I have a usecase where in we are persisting the incoming record objects objects over gRPC into XML format using protobuf XmlFormatter utility class.
However, I am not sure how can I deserialize XML back to Record object using XmlFormatter.merge method.
I guess I’d need a builder for Record object.
May I please request any guidance / help on this?


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One note before addressing your question: Record has been recently deprecated in favor of the identical DamlRecord to avoid clashing with the recently introduced built-in java.lang.Record (see the release notes for Daml 1.15.0).

To your question, all the classes provided as part of are not Protobuf-based, but rather convenience data classes for developers to use alongside our bindings that provide a more idiomatic experience when building Java applications that interact with the ledger. However, what they do is providing you the infrastructure to convert objects of this type to and from Protobuf. What you could do is invoke toProto on the object of type Record and then feed it into the XmlFormatter.

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