How do you review transactions when applications are using the http json api?

Hi all,

I’m looking through the docs page for the http json api and I noticed there is no endpoint to get transactions in any way or format.

If this api service is the preferred method of applications communicating with the ledger, what the best way to get access to view transactions, for use in application monitoring and support? Will we require a separate application, or separate ledger communication setup, to communicate with the ledger api directly for this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @lashenhurst, you are completely correct that the JSON API does not expose transactions. If you need that, you have to work with the ledger API directly for example using the Java bindings.

To me the JSON API is what you use to build most of your applications around. It’s opinionated to some degree and and doesn’t aim to cover everything you can do via the ledger API. For things like auditing and monitoring, working with the ledger API directly is often easier.

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