Daml on fabric http json api

Is it possible go implement http json api in daml on fabric repository

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Hi @alpha_coders,

The HTTP JSON API is a standalone Java application that connects to a ledger’s gRPC endpoint and exposes an HTTP endpoint for interacting with said ledger.

The DAML-on-Fabric project exposes such a gRPC endpoint, so there is no need for the HTTP JSON API to know anything about Fabric. The HTTP KSON API will work in exactly the same way against the gRPC endpoint of DAML on Fabric as it does against the gRPC endpoint of the DAML Sandbox, or any other compliant DAML Ledger.

Does this answer your question? If not, would you mind elaborating on what you had in mind?


Thank you for your answer, the requirement was to connect the daml on fabric with a custom front end by using Rest APIs… couldnt find any information about grpc endpoints in detail… It will be better if you can throw some light on the gRpc endpoints

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I have little experience with the gRPC endpoint myself; I think the best entry point in the docs is here, though I may not be best placed to comment.

If you aim at using the HTTP JSON API, all you need to know about the gRPC API is which domain name/IP and port it is hosted on, so you can pass the correct arguments to the HTTP JSON API when you start it (--ledger-host and --ledger-port, respectively).

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