How can I use Daml on Hyperledger besu in open source version?

If I want to use “Daml-on-Besu”, Will I must be the Daml Enterprise?
And if I don’t be Daml Enterprise, How can I use Daml-on-Besu for the developer’s open source,
Or Should I must to do?
Thank you

There’s a working integration in the form of a Besu domain for Canton since Daml 2.x and yes, it is part of the Enteprise edition only. You can learn more about it here. I believe there’s also another existing Daml driver for Besu but I think it’s not maintained by DA, so I’m not 100% sure of its status. If I’m not mistaken, this would be it, but make sure to verify with its maintainers its status and road map.


Talking about the Canton Besu domain: if you don’t have Enterprise you can still connect to an existing Besu domain as a participant, but you cannot run a Besu domain yourself.


Thank you so much