How are DAML workflows shared privately and securely?

Hi Daml’ers! I read an interesting quote from @Yuval “Without Daml, workflows cannot be shared privately and securely within and across organizations, leading to inconsistent data, expensive to adapt architectures, and a lack of common interfaces."

I’m particularly interested in examples or blogs pertaining to my question. From what I understand, sub-transaction privacy could be the short answer to my question?


Hi @Chris_Rivers :wave:

The privacy section of the docs explains all the concepts involved in making the workflows secure and private. A great and concise example can be also found in the IOU quickstart.

@bernhard also wrote a great blog post explaining why privacy (and not anonymity) is important within (and beyond) asset tokenization.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, @nemanja! This was very helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

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