Ex-bond-issuance auction

Hey DAMLer’s!

I was working through the digital-asset/ ex-bond-issuance without automations to get more familiar with the new-to-me @DAML/react libraries.

I was able to perform issuance as expected following the Create a New Bond Issuance directions.

It looks to me like a step is missing (or I am missing something) in the Creating a New Bond Auction portion and in the front end.

The issuer is able to complete the first step to request an auction by executing the IssuerRole_CommissionAuction choice (by entering the auction start/end date, minimum price, security name, etc.).

But the README, and the front-end neglects the CommissionBotTrigger_InviteAgent step. Here is a snippet of code from the FullScenario.daml file.

Could this be where automation is being used so that the Issuer only has to complete 1 step (IssuerRole_CommissionAuction) instead of completing (IssuerRole_CommissionAuction --> CommissionBotTrigger_InviteAgent? If so, where in the repo could I find more information about it.

Or is this step missing and need to be added? The Auction Request never shows up in the AuctionAgent’s Auction Requests tab.


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As you wrote, the automation is supposed to exercise the choice CommissionBotTrigger_InviteAgent for you. So if you do not start the triggers (e.g. to trace every step in detail), you’re going to have to complete this step manually, which is not documented currently.

You can do so by either studying the source code of the CommissionBot trigger or the scenario you mentioned.

If you’d like to have more info on the process, please just replying here or contact us.

Hey @Richard_Kapolnai. Thanks for the explanation. Our current demo runs on a modified version of an older ex-bond-issuance template that did not have all of these features (pre-triggers, pre-scripts, etc.). We are doing some updating to be able to test on DABL.

I’ll take a closer look at those materials you mentioned to try and piece things together and come back with any questions that arise.


Thanks for bringing light to Bond Issuance, James! :slight_smile:
The older version may already have Java bots, which have been replaced by triggers. The latest version should be runnable on DABL with relatively small change (due to triggers, new UI).