Does Graphviz not supported anymore

G-d willing

Quick question please, in 2022 there was a visual tool I could use to get some visual representation of DAR files.
I can’t find it anymore. Was it moved to someplace else? or discontinued?


Hi @cohen.avraham,

The daml damlc visual command has indeed been removed in Daml Enterprise 2.7.0. I was not involved in that decision but my understanding is it was deemed too costly to maintain compared to the perceived benefit customers got out of it.

It is still present in Daml Enterprise 2.6.5, which may still be compatible with your existing Daml code. You can try your luck with

DAML_SDK_VERSION=2.6.5 daml damlc visual

on a modern project; the language itself has been reasonably stable so this may still give reasonably accurate results. One language feature I believe this tool was never upgraded for is interfaces. There may be others.

Note that Daml 2.6.5 is no longer supported.

Hi @Gary_Verhaegen and thank you for your answer.

What do you mean by that?

I’m not sure how else to say it. This is an old feature that has been removed; while it did cover the entire language at some point, it has not been consistently updated while it was still there and it’s definitely not been updated for anything that came after it was removed. If you’re making use of the interfaces feature, for example, I do not think interfaces will show up in the generated graph. It may generate a correct graph of all your templates, ignoring interfaces; it may also just crash and not output anything. I have not tried it on any 2.7+ project myself.


Thank you very much @Gary_Verhaegen for your response.
Much appreciated. :+1: