Default ports for daml sandbox 2.1.1

When running the daml sandbox compiled with 2.1.1 the following ports are allocated that are not documented. 686[5,6,7,8].
Further, as it clashed with one my existing port, I was trying to found how to easily override the one clashing port but could not find an obvious documentation entry point for either issue.
I used an option that is not documented in the command lined but that seems to work. Could you point me to the documentation where that is all explained if I missed it?
(the 6868 port got overriden with the --domain-admin-port=6869 option in the daml sandbox command line)

The options are listed as part of daml sandbox --help but fully agree that some more documentation around the defaults and those options would be very helpful.

moritz@adjunction ~> daml sandbox --help
Usage: daml sandbox [--port ARG] [--admin-api-port ARG] 
                    [--domain-public-port ARG] [--domain-admin-port ARG] 
                    [--canton-port-file PATH] 
                    [--static-time | --wall-clock-time] [--canton-help] 
                    [-c|--config FILE] [--port-file PATH] [--dar PATH] [ARG]
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