Data type inside list in a template


I am struggling to understand why can I not create a list of courses inside my template as an attribute.
Screenshot 2022-07-18 at 00.13.51

Hi @joao_santos and welcome to the forum!

Can you share a bit more of your code? I suspect the error isn’t quite in the lines you showed. I tried compiling the following locally and it works without any issues on SDK 2.3:

module Main where

data Course = Course
    subject : Decimal
    price : Decimal
  deriving (Show, Eq)

template Exlainer
    name : Party
    courses : [Course]
    signatory name

Additionally, in general on this forum, please share code and error messages as text instead of screenshots using ``` above and below, as explained in this post.

I figured out what the error was.

In the respective choice I was doing:

let courses = delete courses parameter

And it was not possible

Thank you! Will do it next time