How to ask questions

Be specific

  • When asking HOW to do something (accomplish a task, fix a bug):

    • The question should be about that specific thing and as short and summarized as possible.
    • Make multiple separate topics if you need to
    • Include the smallest amount of code needed to reproduce your issue
    • Keep in mind that others may have the same questions as you. A clear and concise question leads to a clear and concise answer which helps others fix their issues as well
  • When asking WHY something is as it is in Daml you can ask a more broad question which may have more than one answer

  • Use a topic title that is short, direct, and descriptive

When you receive an answer mark it as solved

  • If you receive multiple responses choose the best one in your opinion

Hi @anthony, I recall you’d showed us a way to tag our Q’s with the version number of the SDK we’re using. I can’t seem to figure out how to do this. I only see an SDK tag in the autocomplete, but no version number (e.g. 1_1_0 like you demo’d).

Add sdk and then add 1_1_0. You need to add sdk first, may change that to make it easier.