Daml workflow id for tracing

Say we had a number of microservices before canton comes into play and we wish to persists a unique id through the stack for tracing/debugging/auditing etc (e.g from UI actions all the way down to ledger writes)

For the daml/canton element would leveraging workflow id be a suitable field for this. e.g. if an API call results in 3 transactions could we attach the same workflow id to all 3 for future tracing?

Workflow ids are optional identifiers that tie together multiple submissions that logically belong together in a single business process that must be divided into multiple submissions (e.g., a proposal/accept pattern). * There’s also an application id which is mandatory to send commands because it’s the handle used to read completions for a specific application.

If you are looking to trace a transaction across different components have a look at “trace-id” which Canton provides.

More details here - Monitoring — Daml SDK 2.6.5 documentation