Daml interfaces / Daml-finance / Canton network


  1. Are Daml interfaces a critical part of the Canton-Network?

  2. Is daml-finance a critical part of the Canton-Network?


Daml interfaces are a way to allow to decouple generic workflows from specific implementations. Daml Finance aims at being the standard way to model financial workflows. In any network of Canton nodes, this standard becomes the way in which nodes have a way to use interfaces known on the network to trade assets that up to that point where not available and that can be built on top of the existing Daml Finance interfaces. As such, they do cover an important role in establishing application and services to be offered over the network.

To make an analogy (which is flawed but that I hope can carry the point across), the Daml platform and Canton take the role of the TCP/IP protocol suite (the basic set of tools and protocols that enable communication), Canton Network acts as the Internet (the infrastructure that uses the underlying set of tools and protocols to actually put relevant parties in communication) and Daml Finance can be seen as the Web (a standard application-level protocol designed to solve a specific class of issues, on top of which anybody can offer and consume services in a standardized way).

Apologies if I didn’t go for a straight “yes or no” kind of answer, but I believe the answer to be more nuanced than that. :slight_smile: