Daml Hub login

Hello all,

I’m working on a project that envolves a react FE host along side a ledger on daml hub.
The question is, when I get authenticated on this FE with the daml hub auth component, is there any way to obtain the email address that was used form that login?

Thanks in advance


At the moment, we do not provide a general way of accessing user information from a login. This was an intentional design decision in support of privacy of the user.

However as part of a user onboarding to a Daml application, you will typically need to gather additional information about a user anyway, and what information you specifically require depends greatly on your use case. The Marketplace sample app (also available on Daml Hub) demonstrates an onboarding workflow where information is gathered from the user upon them logging in for the first time, and e-mail could be among the set of fields you gather from the user.