Daml Doc Exercise: Test Template using Daml Script


I am very much new to Daml and struggling to understand the very much basic things. Posting this so that can get some help from the Damlers. So I was going through the Daml documentation and came to one of the exercise. I am just having one doubt in the first statement of the exercise i.e.

  1. Write a template for a second type of token.
    In the statement above what it is the ‘second type of token’? Didn’t see anything like types of token or first token, second token thing in the docs explanation, can someone help me here?
    So that can proceed with the exercise.

You are reading the following section of the docs: Test Templates Using Daml Script — Daml SDK 2.7.1 documentation

This whole section refers to the code you get downloaded by issuing the following command:

daml new intro2 --template daml-intro-2

In the existing code you have this token template:

template Token
    owner : Party
    signatory owner

In the existing code you also have four test scripts with explanations (from token_test through token_test3).

The exercise asks you to create another, modified template, like Token1, write a script as per point 2, and answer the question in point 3.

Oh… okay. Thanks so much for help…! Appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face: