Expected content of sample folders


I am working through the examples in docs.daml.

When I run the daml new daml-intro-2 --template daml-intro-2 command (here 2 Testing templates using Daml Script — Daml SDK 1.12.0 documentation) what files should I expect within the new folder?

I hit a “Could not find module ‘Daml.Script’” issue and other question threads here point to an issue with the daml.yaml file but that file was not created in the daml-intro-2 folder?



Thanks for flagging this up @Joel. It’s expected that you only get a single .daml file. You can see the sources for the examples here.

But I’d consider it a bug that the sample project doesn’t work as is. I’ve opened #8813 to discuss how we fix this.


Hi @Joel, and welcome to our community.

As Bernhard said, this is essentially a bug and we’ll be working on fixing it. In the meantime, the easiest way for you to make progress is to create a new “blank” Daml project and move the example file in there:

daml new daml-intro-2 --template daml-intro-2
daml new t
mv daml-intro-2/Token_Test.daml t/daml/
cd t
daml studio
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Thanks @Gary_Verhaegen, that has kept me moving :+1:

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