Daml DAR file versions

If I do this…

  1. daml build
  2. daml ledger upload-dar .daml/dist/my-models-0.0.1.dar
  3. Make a change to the Daml source files, but leave the version: 0.0.1 unchanged in the daml.yaml file.
  4. Again daml build
  5. Again daml ledger upload-dar .daml/dist/my-models-0.0.1.dar.

… does my second upload replace the first one?


You can see that both files are still in the ledger using this command:

daml packages list

Example output:

Available packages:
1531497db248355015e4bb038ae39e0a17dbb9da7de5e3075cf2a7743de4c9d9 (my-models-0.0.1)
71fdf160ae04de61164d8c5f0ca7e7297b5504338605f082a813b8d3a22f2212 (my-models-0.0.1)

The version: (that appears in the daml.yaml file) does not uniquely identify your code to the ledger. The package id is what actually identifies your “version” of the code.

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This is also covered in the documentation here and here

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