Daml Connect 1.15.0 RC is out!


  • Daml Exceptions are now stable as part of Daml-LF 1.14 and Ledger API 1.12.0. Daml-LF 1.13 is the new default in the SDK.
  • Observability of Ledger API Server and JSON API Server have been improved through better logging and metrics.

Impact and Migration

  • If you would like to use Daml Exceptions, you need to target Daml-LF explicitly using the build-option --target=1.14 .
  • Some log outputs and levels have changed. If you are relying on log messages in your client applications, you may need to adjust the level at which you log, and how you parse log messages.
  • There is a minor improvement in the Java Ledger API Bindings and Codegen to improve compatibility with Java 14. In some cases this could lead to compile time errors for downstream consumers, which can be fixed easily by changing form com.daml.ledger.javaapi.data.Record to com.daml.ledger.javaapi.data.DamlRecord everywhere.

Read the full release notes here.

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